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Early on in President Obama’s first campaign, a sweet elderly lady asked the brimming candidate for a car and said she needed a job. It was that at exact moment that I feel the Lord laid on my heart the thought, “We can do better than this.” From that day forward (and for a period of 5 months), He has led myself to write the Crystal Ball: Change the World Series.TM

The heart of that series is offering common sense, common ground solutions to the greatest challenges our great country faces, with a convenient and doable way to get them implemented.

Mr. Meroney is a true Renaissance man, having served as an Attorney, Big Four Management Consultant, college professor/minister and business professional, utilizing his four college degrees (including J.D., M.B.A. and M.Div.). Now having undertaken the research needed to provide perspective on both life and politics, it is our desire that you—the reader—engrain these practical goals in your thoughts to the point you choose to refuse to accept business-as-usual politics, because, indeed, we CAN do better!


We are open to any and all speaking engagements, at most any venues. To schedule, please contact us at AAorg2020@gmail.com (or Linked-In: James Meroney, MBA/JD). Starting in June, 2019, we will be providing free business consulting, as part of a national political campaign, on issues such as strategy, innovation/R &D, motivation, growth, strategic advantage, efficiency, and possibly architecture.

We would also welcome any speaking opportunities at any church.

The poor will also be advised on being able to live better for less, and/or how to make more money. Book early!

If any business has any problem or challenge they would like us to take a stab at fixing, as The World’s Most Innovative Man, please submit your issue, and we will address it on the campaign, for free. And every inquiry will be kept strictly confidential, especially regarding any trade secrets or competitive advantages we may learn of.


Email: AAorg2020@gmail.com

Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ideasman/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.meroney.9?ref=bookmarks

Twitter: @JamesMeroney

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