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Other Books by the Author (on Amazon)

We welcome you to inform yourself on some of the most important subjects of life–Religion, Politics, Business & Innovation.  With that aim in mind, feel free to check out any of these helpful reads:

Wit & Wisdom: Don’t Speak About Politics or Religion (A Voter’s Manifesto)  

Our blockbuster live-tweeted book, that significantly changed American politics and Christianity from 2014 to 2018 (and which many of the world’s VIP’s have already seen written, and warmly received).

Dumb as a Donkey, Fat as an Elephant: Common Ground Through Common Sense for the Common Good 

Over 2,000 unique, new products ideas inside–FREE!

Our landmark book on how “We the people’ can change Washington for the good (and to do good, both in policies and practice), using common sense to secure unifying solutions, efficiently and within budget.

The Way Things Ought To Be: A Global Vision for a Better World 

Over 500 unique, new products ideas inside–FREE!

Common sense solutions to most of the world’s problems, both globally and domestically.

Building a Billionaire Business: Proven Principles to Propel Profits 

Over 500 unique, new products ideas inside–FREE!

Business and economy improvement primer, as well as aiding consumers and employees in maximizing their  dollars earned and spent.

Design Your Future: Innovation Strategies for the 21st Century 

The ‘magic’ behind our over 4,700+ new product ideas (strewn throughout four books) is explained, including the best speech EVER to inspire and teach anyone (and any business) to become profitably innovative.

Practical Prophecy for an Unsuspecting World

Over 500 unique, new products ideas inside–FREE!

Anyone interested in knowing the basics of coming/future world events will get simple explanations, as well as relevant predictions and trend analyses concerning prophecy timing.

Advanced Prophecy Handbook

A more scholarly summary of most prophecy questions, including an encyclopedic covering of issues from A to Z, timetable and event detail explanations, etc.

Idioms for Innovators & Immigrants

Anyone desiring to understand (or appeal to) America’s pop culture, advertising and values, thousands of common expressions we use in everyday expression are defined in common usage.

The Gospel According to God

The most thorough, Bible-based treatise on what it takes for a person to go to Heaven.  Documenting and critiquing the two major views of the historic Lordship Salvation vs. Saviorhood Salvation controversy.

New Testament Color Charts

These charts graphically explain the meaning and layout of God’s latest Testament, using pictures, colors and text.  It allows an easy understanding of context and perspective when studying the Bible.

Architecture Aficionado: How Anyone Can be Inspired to Admire (and Create) Architecture

For an excellent summary of the most important topics of the Bible (which recently turned around a leading U.S. mega church), see our FREE web site, www.WillYouLiveForever.org

For a broad treatment of common sense, common ground solutions to politics-as-usual, see our FREE website, www.AmericanAnswers.org

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